Young Audience

A selection of work with more young audience oriented styles or aimed at children

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Professionally I have experience and success working in an adult audience and creating work for horror publishers. So it might come as a surprise that I am passionate about children's. To me, it's so important to respect children and not talk down to them while engaging them and staying age-appropriate. I want to create work that educates and inspires curiosity in the world around us, Whether that's getting adults morbidly curious about what's around the corner with my horror comics, or getting children excited about nature in my children's illustrations.


The Sulk

A mixed media study from a self-authored children's book about feeling small and learning that even small things and actions are valuable. 


Cosy snow-in

Christmas card artwork in pencil and digital.


Cornish Morwen and Sea Bucca

Digital and traditional illustration based on cornish sea folk.



Paper and paint artwork exploring the wonder of wild camping.



Page from a 4-page comic on age, passing away, and having a cat.


The Cornmother

Front cover from a self-published folk horror short story based on harvest superstitions and traditions.